1 months old baby

Question: Hi all...my baby is 20 days old. Im giving bath to him 2 days once. When i can start massage him by himalaya massage oil.

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Answer: U can start massage.
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Question: My baby is 15 days old. Can I give him oil massage n soap bath?
Answer: Hello Dear yes yu should give a warm oil massage to yur baby before bathing yu can use olive oil or Patanjali Shishu massage oil or Himalaya baby body oil. Use baby wash or very mild soap to clean your child for the first 12 months.bavy product are gentler and less likely to irritate the skin, and babies just don't need the deep lathering effects of regular soap.you don't really need to use soap except to clean a baby's bottom and the folds of skin around his arms and leggs. Yu can also use besan with pinch of tumeric n malai this will keep baby skin moisturized and also help yu remove small delicate hairs from his body. Take care
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Question: My baby is 18 days old. By when can i start giving him water?
Answer: Hello. It's best not to give your baby water before 6 months. At this newborn stage, breast milk or formula meets every nutritional need for health and development. Plus, you don't want to fill up your baby on water, since she might not be hungry for feedings. ... It may also cause your breast milk supply to diminish. Hope this answer will help you
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Question: My Baby is 6 days old,I want to know from when I can start giving him body massage?
Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your baby! I started giving massage once her naval healed.sonit took around 2 weeks and started her massage.you could take a call as per your baby's naval healing.
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Question: My baby is 80 days old ..can I start massage to him? Which oil is better for massage?
Answer: Yes dear.. U can massage ur baby now. Even u can start massaging ur baby from one month itself. U can use any oil which suits ur baby's skin. As I Firstly use desi ghee for my baby but it did not suits my baby skin. After than i start using coconut oil, which really suits my baby. But remember to use coconut oil in summers or when weather is good. Don't use in winter as baby can catch cold. For winters, u can use mustard oil.
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