37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all. My afi is 7 before 15days i done my growth scan that time also my afi was 7 only and in todays scan also its 7. Im using agrimust sachets also and drinkinh 4ltrs of water but still my afi is not increasing. How to increase in 2 weeks. And remaining is normal position cephalic placenta posterior. If afi is 7 is it possible for normal delivery. Please help

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Answer: Hi dear, The only option here is to wait till you are full term.and then get labor induced and deliver.since AFI of 7 is quite low.
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    Jhansi R837 days ago

    Thanks for the reply. Even I thought the same but bp is increasing day by day what about that?

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Question: My placenta position is anterior and presentation is cephalic in the scan report.is normal delivery possible
Answer: hi yes dear Placenta position anterior means your Placenta is located in front wall of uterus which is very normal . cephalic position is the baby position which means your baby is in head down position in womb . weather conditions are in favour of normal delivery so don't worry. but only these two factors are not responsible for normal delivery .
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Question: My placenta is anterior toward left side,and in cephalic position..is normal delivary possible
Answer: Hi dear, anterior Placenta with cephalic presentation of foetus is definitely favourable for normal delivery. but you have to wait till you baby's head fixed at cervix for birth.
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Question: In my abdominal scan ..placenta is posterior upper .....what does it mean ..what to do and in placenta posterior upper ..is normal delivery possible or cesarean is done
Answer: hi dear if Placenta is posterior upper means that the Placenta is attached to the back and upper side of the uterus and this is a normal position right now you are in your 20 weeks as your uterus will grow this Placenta can shift. it cannot be set for certain if you are going to have a normal delivery or cesarean hope that helps take care
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