9 months old baby

Question: Hi all I have 9 months baby boy now I confirm that again I am pergant 1 months 10 day still my baby is small I don't want what I have to do plzzzz suggest me....

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Answer: It's good... being mother is so precious thing continue your pregnancy without any fear..
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Question: Hii.. I am pregnant 3 months still now also I don't want to eat any thing what can i do?
Answer: Eating is important for your health and your baby's growth.. Not only eating, but eating right is very important.. try to make changes in your diet..you can start your mornings with calcium rich yogurt, cheese, fortified orange juice, sesame seeds bread, almonds, figs or scrambled tofu.. Oatmeal, spinach omelettes, peanut butter.. Include plenty of dry fruits in your diet from now on such as cashews, almonds, apricots,  raisins, dates, walnuts and pistachios are few dry fruits to eat during pregnancy. They are dry fruits are nutritious, undoubtedly, but you should aim to include the recommended quantity in your diet each day... You need to include plenty of fruits (apricots, berries, pomegranate, bananas, apples, guava) and vegetables, protein, fibre and carbohydrates in your diet. Avoid unripe papaya and pineapple. Take folic acid and vitamin supplements if required, for your child healthy development and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated...
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Question: I have 8 months old baby again am pregnant but don't want now baby pls give any suggestions
Answer: Hi dear if you don't want this pregnancy in as soon as possible you need to consult with a gynecologist and start taking medicine within 2 to 3 days you will experience heavy blood flow. After reading over you need to go for D&C do ever in infection after abortion. Don't try any home remedies for abortion because it can cause too much heavy bleeding as well as permanent in fertility. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have 2 girl baby now we want boy baby for that what we should do..
Answer: Hi dear there is no method with which you can conceive specific gender baby. if this was possible everyone would have conceived baby of their desired gender so please avoid such kind of myths to follow
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