35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, after I am diagnosed to gave gestational diabetes iam taking insulin and i am on diet because of this i have reduced 2 kgs within 2 months.Baby weight is normal .I was 53 at starting of my pregnancy and now i am 35 weeks pregnant and my weight is 56.8. Is this weight normal?

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Answer: Hi dear don't worry gestational diabetes can happen for few women a due to improper a diet heredity and even an Healthy lifestyle you no need to worry or not your weight is a very normal continue your diet it is highly recommended to take vegetables a lot you can take Orange watermelon it will be good for you you can also take aloe vera juice everyday helps in secretion of insulin
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Question: Hi.. I am 19-20 weeks pregnant. Overall I have gained around 10 kgs of weight from start of my pregnancy. Is this normal..?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear generally a pregnant women gains 10 to 15 kg weight in all over pregnancy and u already gains 10 kg in 20 weks so now control ur weight as excess weight ll create a big issue in normal delivery so avoid oily spicy nd junk food take plenty of liquids nd water,,go 4 walk ,do yoga nd exercises too try it
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Question: Hii....This is my 20 weeks 5 days & I put 3 kgs on 3month because of my vomiting i lost 3 kgs ...and now i put only 1.5 kg ..I did anamoly scan day before yesterday...My baby is doing good...baby's weight is about 358gms+_50 ....Is this weight of baby is normal or not?....why am not gaining that much weight?...
Answer: You and your baby are doing good nothing to worry, I gained only 7kgs totally during entire pregnancy but my baby was 3.66 kgs so dnt worry about all this, eat a balanced diet stay hydrated do walking and exercise be happy
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Question: My weight has been reduced by 2 kgs in last 3 weeks inspite of eating healthy food. Is it okay for my weight to reduce at this stage or pregnancy? I am in my 3rd trimester now. (7th month)
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear consult to ur dr nd ask abht ur babies weight nd growth if babies weight nd growth s normal nothing to worry abht ur weight .Take healthy diet as add milk ,cheese ,butter ,paneer ,tofu ,green vegetables fresh fruits in ur diet too
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