35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi ...afi 11.3 approximately seen with particulate matter in scan report ... What does it mean? ...

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Question: Corpus luteum is seen in right ovary.. What does it mean in an ultrasound report?
Answer: Hi dear, It is definitely normal and also a positive sign of good pregnancy. The follicle which has released the egg gets shrunk , shrivelled , yellow because of leutein deposition and gets called corpus leuteum. C L in the ovary produces lot of progesterone hormone which in turn supports pregnancy till the formation of the placenta. Once placenta is formed, it will take over the role of C L and starts producing progesterone.
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Question: Minimal subchoronic bleed seen in lower zone. In todays scan report this is mentioned. What does this mean ?
Answer: Suffering from the same problem, which medicine dr. Has prescribed u?
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Question: Stomach bubbles seen in anomaly scan what does it mean? Is it normal
Answer: As the stomach is forming it will appear as bubble.. No problem.. In my scan doctor told me this.. Scan report says kidney bubble and stomach bubble as they are forming..
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