29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, What is the meaning of "placenta is posterior upper segment with grade 2 maturity"

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Answer: Hi! posterior Placenta is nothing but your present is attached to the back side of the uterus which is a very common and normal thing there is nothing to be worried about and Grade shows the maturity of placenta means how far you are plus Placenta has come or how much your present I have worked till now that's how the gradation is done.. Hope this helps!
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    Nethra D608 days ago

    Thank you. It was helpful

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Question: What is the meaning of placenta grade 2 posterior upper segment.?
Answer: Hi! The gradation of placenta is basically to show how much your place in the have worked till now and the great 2 at 38 weeks of pregnancy is completely normal and fine and if it is posterior it only means that is attached at the back of your uterus .. Hope this helps!
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Question: What is the meaning of posterior placenta upper segment with grade -1
Answer: Hi dear this means that the Placenta is attached to the upper back part of your uterus and it is having grade 1 aging this is a normal report
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Question: What is The meaning of Placenta is posterior in upper segment maturity gread 2
Answer: Your placenta is toward ur back n upper side. Ur placenta is matured now.
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