Few days old baby

Question: Hi!!! Today i see my girl baby vaginal area white discharge what i do pls answer quickly

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Answer: it is normal dear...mery beti ko bhi hua tha....
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Question: Today i see the brown vaginal discharge
Answer: Hi, if the white discharge which you get is brown in color then it is probably vaginal infection and you need to consult the doctor. But if you are getting brown bleeding then it might be old blood coming out. But still keep the doctor informed
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Question: Hi mam im having vaginal area fully itching and pain full and white discharge also present what i can do pls answer mee mam
Answer: hi dear minimal vaginal discharge during the first trimester is very common if you get more discharge and any bleeding please consult the doctor immediately and itching is very common so please wash your private area after every urination you could use hot water twice a day to watch this helps you to avoid hitting please keep your private area clean and you can use dwttol or vwash solution to wash your private area every night before bed if the itching aise hi please don't Arab consult the doctor and take proper
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Question: Hi!!! Today i see my 20 days girl baby vaginal area release little white discharge What i do pls ans quickly
Answer: Hello, they can upset the natural chemical balance of your baby's vagina and increase the risk of infection. You might notice a discharge that looks a bit like egg white. This is perfectly normal, and you don't need to clean it away. . It's common for newborn baby girls to have bloody vaginal discharge in the first few weeks. Hope this helps.
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