Few days old baby

Question: Hi!!! Today i see my 20 days girl baby vaginal area release little white discharge What i do pls ans quickly

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Answer: Hello, they can upset the natural chemical balance of your baby's vagina and increase the risk of infection. You might notice a discharge that looks a bit like egg white. This is perfectly normal, and you don't need to clean it away. . It's common for newborn baby girls to have bloody vaginal discharge in the first few weeks. Hope this helps.
Answer: Hello! This is normal in newborns, nothing to worry. It is mainly because she was exposed to the hormones when she was in the womb. It will go away on its own. Take care
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Question: Little bit Vaginal white discharge is observed from last 3 days.....what can i do nw
Answer: Congratulations dear mum you are almost there towards the end of your pregnancy you are running on the 38 weeks of pregnancy during this time the white vaginal discharge which could be a little bit sticky and milky in colour is perfectly normal. This kind of discharge increases a bit more when you are near your due date for the labour is near if you have appointment with your doctor in coming days she will check your cervix position and will confirm accordingly that these early signs of labour and a perfectly normal hope I answer was helpful to you
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Question: My daughters have red rashes in vaginal area...what can I do...pls ans
Answer: The red rashes can be due to allergy, don't use diapers if you are using for your baby. Wash the area with warm water pat dry and apply anti rash cream which is prescribed by your doctor. Consult your doctor to examine the rashes.
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Question: I have seen white discharge in my 11 days baby girl. What should I do?
Answer: Hi dear. Your baby was exposed to mother hormone throughout pregnancy so it is totally normal to see white discharge in girl babies , so just don't worry and clean that area daily.
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