21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi!My wife turns 5month now.in scan report says she has jelly like placenta is partially lower...is there any problem or anything to frightened for her n baby too????

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Answer: Ask her to take complete bed rest.... strictly no work....no travelling....no ic....
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Question: My wife has vaginal discharge in 7th month is it normal or she had some problem
Answer: Usually mild white discharge without any bad smell or itching then its normal vaginal discharge. Maintain Intimate hygiene and keep placing hydrated. Increase any discomfort increase please consult doctor.
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Question: Hi, my baby is 3 months old and she has red rashes on her face n neck. Any suggestions to cure this rashes
Answer: Hi Use only plain water,stop using any oil on it. If you massage,sponge or give bath immediately.
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Question: Hi.. My 7 month old baby is start to stand with support.. If there any problem for her leg in future if she start early???
Answer: no but give her support give her walker..so there is no risk of any injury
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