31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, My wife is 30 week pregnant, In last 2 weeks baby kicks got reduced but only movements are there now What could be the reason

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Answer: Hi, baby doesnt move same all the time. You should count baby movements. There is no problem if your baby moves but doesn't kick. In 30 weeks baby should move for 6-8 times a day.
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    Manikanta603 days ago

    Thank you These many Min movements are now

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Question: Hi my 28 weeks now. My baby usually kicks me. But last 2 days there is only very minimum kicks. Not regular as earlier. Is there any reason
Answer: Hi dear it is very normal maybe your baby has started sleeping more or has started taking rest and as and when your pregnancy advances your baby grows but the size of your uterus remains same even after stretching a lot so the baby might not get enough space to kick or move freely but as long as you are getting to feel the movement and all your reports are fine then you do not need to worry about it . Hope this helps!
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Question: I'm 35 weeks pregnant.. I'm not feeling any kicks of my baby, feeling only the movements.. is there a problem ??? But the movements are heavy..
Answer: Hello, as the baby is grown it will have less space to move around inside the belly so kicking can be less if you feel movements thats enough also makesure you have movements or kicking always if you do not feel movements or kick for 24hrs then please meet your gynaecologist immediately.
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Question: Hi, I haven't felt baby movements/kicks since morning. Till last night I could feel. Is there anything to worry? What could be the reason
Answer: Hello! It is better that you once consult the doctor. Sometimes due to too much gas also one does not feel the movements. But it is important that you once consult the doctor to avoid any complications. Take care
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