4 months old baby

Question: Hi... My son has completed 3 months and nowadays he wants to keep on feeding when he lies besides me.. So night fully he wants to keep on feeding.. I am getting pain in my nipple.. How to overcome this.. Please help me out

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Answer: Perhaps ur feed pacifies him while sleeping, he might not be taking feed but just soothing himself, you can try a pacifier, hope that helps.
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Question: My son is 5yrs 7months,he is very stubborn doesn't listen to anyone, keep on watching tv besides he has no interest in studies, what should i do??
Answer: Hello dear. Its quite normal and it is a phase which will pass. Try appreciating the child if they behave nicely. Give a star on their hand or something like their favourite dish if they behaved nicely. Child show awsome improvement if they are appreciated for their good behaviour. Being with a stubborn kid can get upsetting and frustrating for u as a parent but make sure do not let them see that their behavior upsets u. Try taking control of the situation with few below mentioned tips:- 1.) If the kids are given choices of there own wish it creates a win win situation they will do what u r asking them to do in return u do what they want to do. Most of the times the things that they ask for are quite small things which makes them happy. 2.) Doing things in a play way method also helps getting kids involved. They follow ur instruction easily if u ask them to do it in a play way method. Tell them to do things in a fun way. 3.) Stay very calm and patient. 4.) Appreciation does wonders so praise them if they have been good. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi all my son is 2 and half month old and I feel more tired nowadays. Please help me out to overcome this Tiredness problem
Answer: Hello dear I think this tiredness is because of the responsibilities of the mother which now a days u are having and facing. Its a motherhood work and dont depend on anyone. U have to take care of ur baby urself. As being a mother is not an easy task. Its a for a time being as ur baby is just 2 and a half months old. As ur baby will grow..this time will also go. So, dont be panic. Just relax and take care of ur baby with full dedication. Ask ur partner to help u if u need any help as only u parents can help ur baby.
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Question: my baby has completed 3 months , he keep on getting hiccups frequently , what shall I do ????
Answer: breast feed him... or hold him to ur shoulder n gently tap his back.
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