5 months old baby

Question: Hi. My lo is 4months old,she had cough and cold for past two days went to paed today got medicines, now she s vomitting. I dont know whether it is good r bad.

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Question: My baby is 4months old. She had cold and cough any remedies can u explain
Answer: Keep your baby head elevated while sleeping, Drop 2-3 drops of freshly expressed breast milk or saline water into baby nose to clear nasal passages, run a humidifier in room to maintain moisture, clean your hands gently before feeding to avoid infection, apply Vicks on baby chest and feet rub slowly, wear socks to baby feet, use suction bulb to clear mucus in nose, cover body with warm clothes if baby feel like chills
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Question: My baby is 75 days old.... Past two days cold with fever, cough.... Went to doctor..... Any remedies....
Answer: Heat Mexican mint leaves on tava. Put warm leaves on baby's chest. It will help in get rid of cold.
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Question: Hi, My 47 days old baby had cold and cough for past 1 week.now cough has got more severe and she has got temperature.please suggest some remedies.
Answer: Don't treat her at home.u should consult a doctor as soon as possible
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