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Question: Hi .. My last lmp was on 14oct n yesterday I saw life spotting no bleeding at all now . So I am lill worried plz tell me frndz.. I am planing for pregnency n my cycles are regular .. plz tell me

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Answer: Spotting before periods is common which states the start of periods . But you can check your pregnancy test only when you missed your period for 3-4 days
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Question: Does Implantation bleeding happens to all? My LMP was 11sept.. from yesterday I'm feeling mild menstrual like cramps but there's no spotting at all.. please help me in understanding..
Answer: Hi! Inplantation bleeding does not happen to all. Implantation bleeding occurs generally after 10 days of ovulation, the colour of discharge is pinkish, once a perios is missed but around 20-22 days you can observe pinkish blood, thats implantation bleeding, here the fertilised egg gets attached to the uterus wall. It might show up for few hours or maximum a day or two. Mat be you will have your periods early, thats why the cramp, the best way is wait till 11 th if you dont get it take a test around 16/17th to confirm pregnancy.. Good luck!
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Question: I am 15 weeks pregnant n my gums are all swollen n bleeding...plz help
Answer: Most commonly gums inflamation during pregnancy cause of increase harmons lable
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Question: 11 week is running yesterday i saw spotting no cramping,and no spotring more is it dangerous plz tell
Answer: Spotting is common in early stages of pregnancy.. Please visit your doctor
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