9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. My last l. M. P was 6.9.19 i took usg abdomen two time but only gestational sac is visible no fetal. Pole can u plz suggest me better opinion what to do... My gyncolgst suggest me hve to wait for 10days more repeat scan...if it possible that fetal will grow?????

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Answer: Hi dear, I know its quite stressful for you but if gastational scan is visible then that's a good sign just wait for 10 days as suggested by doctor hopefully fetal will appear. Just stay positive and take complete bedrest.
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Question: My USG was done in 6th week but only G sac and yolk sac was visible.. No fetal pole visible.. M worried.. Is it normal?
Answer: Please don't worry it happens in the cases where the periods irregular before pregnancy on due to the late conception Also fetal pole appreciated between 8 to 10 weeks so repeat the scan after 7 to 10 days to see the status
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Question: in my 7 week u/s small fetal pole seen.but in 9 th week no fetal pole and no cardiac activity . gestational sac measures 19 mm.is it possible
Answer: hi dear! then the 7th week scan must be wrong dear. did you take the scans from different places if yes then it could be one of the reasons dear. right now there is no fetal pole or cardiac activity then dear you will have to abort dear. at 9th week you can try with medicine but you should do a scan after taking medicine so that we know there is no residue inside . take care dear.
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Question: 5th week ultrasound scan showed only gestational sac but not fetal node. Doctor has told to repeat scan after two weeks. It is normal
Answer: It's normal in my case also same, now i have cute healthy angel in my hand, may delivery date will differ that's it, eat healthy stay healthy. Enjoy this pregnant without fear. Best wishes
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