38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. My due date is on March 18. From when should I start tentatively start my maternity leave. I am a hypertensive. My BP had remained normal but since last one week it is on an average 155/95. I work at Churchgate and travel from bhayandar to Churchgate for job by local train.

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Answer: Take ur leave and just go and see doctor and be careful because my due date was on march11, but after 20th February scanning no problem was there everything was perfect, they said me to come on 4 March but, on 21 February my discharge colour changed to light red colour by 2:00pm then by 5:00 pm light bleeding so we went to hospital by next day by 9:30 I gave birth to baby (normal delivery) so be careful dr
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Question: Due to urgent work in my home town ,i will have to travel by train for 14 hrs journey.what precautions should i take while travel.
Answer: Hi dear if you are normal pregnancy without any complications like low lying placenta then travelling by air or by train considered safe during pregnancy. During the journey avoid eating unhygienic food at far as possible , try to eat homemade foods. Avoid any kind of jerking or pressure on your abdomen. Take all the proper medicines and prescriptions with you to avoid any kind of complications.
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Question: Since i should avoid travel by train on my 30th week of pregnancy....due to my anterior placenta?
Answer: Train is good transportation dear during pregnancy as compare to others. I have also low lying placenta 7mm away from internal os and my doc suggest me to travel only by train. And I will travel karnataka to chandigarh when I am in my 32 week
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Question: Hi Doctor! Is it safe to travel during pregnancy... Since I travel to my work place from my home... It's around 35 kilometres on one side by bus
Answer: Dear if your pregnancy is not having any complication then yes it is safe. You just have to be extra caution of the bumpy roads. Hope it helps.
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