5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, My doctor told to take EPS which is through invitro process. I'm worried on the insertion of the tube for scanning can cause periods. Pls suggest.

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Question: Hi, Now am at 5th week of pregnancy. Dr told that she will be taking in vitro early pregnancy scan which is done by scanning into the uterus. I'm worried that it may cause my period because of inserting the tube for scanning. Pls suggest.
Answer: First of all congraz.. Yup. Normal cramps. Symptom of uterus getting enlarged.
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Question: Hi, I'm 5 weeks pregnant, when can I/my doctor hear baby's heartbeat through scanning?
Answer: hearbeat of baby develops in 6 weeks and you can hear it after 8 weeks through usg or fetal doppler.
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Question: hi.. in induction of lobor.., tube insertion means what..? is it painful? I'm really scary.. I'm in 39th wk.. today admitted in hospital.. pls advice..
Answer: hello dear dont worry its not that much painful.. after inserting this within 24 hour you will deliver your baby..so be positive and strong dear .. healofy wishes you all the very best dear
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