2 months old baby

Question: Hi... My daughter is 2 months old and I use to give her pacifier after feeding during evening hours as she gets fussy. Am I doing right? Is pacifier is good to calm down a baby?

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Answer: She may cry while passing gas which is normal upto 3 months of age. Pacifier worsen this case as it leads to more air consumption. So try to svoid it. Observe if she is crying before, while or after farting. You can try cycling her legs and gently press the knee against her stomach. This eases the process of passing the gas. You can do this n number of times in a say whenever she is calm and best time is as soon as she wakes up.
Answer: Though people say it is not the best thing for the baby but i have seen every one using it.
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    Namratha S Urs838 days ago

    Yeah everyone uses it because I s temporary relief. Its always better to find the root cause and taking precautions. If everyone uses it that doesnt mean its the right thing.

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Answer: Hi dear You can give pacifier to your baby as it has more advantages like it improves digestion,by offering pacifiers at night time there is low risk for SIDS..if baby cries too much colics may cause so you can give pacifier to stop baby from crying...do make sure to strelize pacifier after every use..and try to stop within 12 months as there may be dental issues but which is not permanant...do keep changing pacifiers every 2 months
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Answer: No it's not like that it will take time only mother is the person who can understand her baby u jus talk to yr baby while feeding and try to make baby feels ur touch while feeding it will create a strong bond between u and baby.. don't think negative dear u r Mumma and everything for baby
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