30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. My cervical length is 2.7. Is there ny chance of normal delivery?

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Question: Mam my cervical length is only 2.7.what should I do to stop preterm delivery? Is there any chance of normal delivery? Also my BP always remains low.
Answer: hi dear! right now you will have to take bed rest dear as the cervical stitch cannot be done now .also if the cervical length goes low then there can be chances of perterm delivery but dont worry with steroid injections the baby will develop the lungs and if the baby is delivered before time like by 31 or more than that then the baby might be kept in nicu dear. but dont worry right now we just have to keep a check on the cervical length dear. take care.
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Question: Cervix length 3.5 cm.. Baby us in cephalic position.. Is there any chance of normal delivery??
Answer: hi it looks difficult old in the position is normal when is cervix length is still too much it should be reduced by now however it depends on the doctor will be able to decide depending upon the medical factors
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Question: Mam plz reply I asked so many times the same question that my cervical length is 2.7 only. Is there any chance of normal delivery?
Answer: Yes chances are there. If you get labor pain then no need to worry about cervical length.
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