1 months old baby

Question: Hi. My breasts pain whn baby sucks milk. N after a day of regular feeding, it pains so much that i hv to stop feeding, n give baby formula milk. Dr suggested nipcare cream, but even after washing , baby is not comfortable to suck. I started using fresh milk cream. But how long will i need to do all this?

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Answer: Hello dear, apply nip care after every feed and apply your own milk drips on your nipples it will also help cure the cracks sooner...we all go through this...it will be okay after sometime..take care 😊
Answer: Hey I know it's very painful but being mom we cant do anything my love baby needs your milk so just do hot compress before and after feeding baby that will give you relief ...
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Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 1 months old dear little spitting milk s common in babies nothing to worry abht .as babies digestive system s weak .slowly slowly when his or her digestive system 'll be strong the stops spitting. Nothing to worry abht its common.
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Question: I am using nipcare ointment..is it ok to give milk with it or should i clean my breasts before feeding?
Answer: Clean with cotton dipped with hot water. Then u can feed ur baby. I think my reply Wil be helpful. Thumbs up :)
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Answer: Hi,no dear many babies have a habit to suck the thumb,it's normal.don't worry.
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