4 months old baby

Question: Hi.. My baby is 83days old still his head shape not yet turned to round shape.. Still is there any chance to change??

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Answer: Please follow these tips before it is late. Buy a pillow specially designed for babies- it keeps the head in a way that helps baby's head get round shape with time. If you aren't planning on buying then you can make one. Make a sack of cotton cloth and fill it with mustard seeds(raai-round in shape, make sure there's nothing in it which could Pierce anything). Fill only up to a quantity which keeps the sac quite flexible. Sew it and this is your baby's pillow. Baby's head will become round with time. Second thing: Never let your baby sleep keeping its head only in one side. This will put pressure on that side of the head and make it flat in that side. Make sure baby sleeps on his back (best position).
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Question: My baby is 48 days.but now iam afraid that his head shape has changed.its not round
Answer: Hai Happy parenting Need not worry Hold babies head in ur palm all the time he s awake Automatically u will see the difference
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Question: Hi my baby is 4 month old.. how to shape his head round.. any exercise?
Answer: Use mustard pillow ( raie ka takiya) it will help and support ur baby head to get proper shape as scalp of baby is not hard
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Question: Hi my baby head is not in round shape is there any remed9
Answer: Hello! Try to find s mustard seed pillow. Let the baby sleep on it. This will; give a good shape to the head. Take care
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