5 months old baby

Question: Hi . My baby is 5months old. his penis is small and my parents are asking about this. Any solution for this?

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Question: Small small pimples on my baby face is there any problem pls suggest me any solution for this
Answer: Hi dear, it may be over heat in the body or dust in the surroundings of the baby. Keep the baby and baby surroundings hygenic and clean. As the baby is 1 month only we can't offer her anything outside.apply caladryl lotion on pimples or any antibacterial powder. Give bath daily twice. Drink a glass of water befor feeding. Soak dry dates ina glass of water and drink. It will reduce heat in the body. And drink butter milk in day time. Your diet only will cure the baby. Take care dear
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Question: My baby is 10 months old and his penis size is very small....m asking this bcz I heard two old ladies telling me this....does this affects anything or do I have to take him to the doctor
Answer: Penis size differs there is nothing to worry as long as testicle are well descended and there is no use in urination in some cases Penis skin contracts and is due to health condition and environmental people commenting are no expert chek with a pedestrian and take advice bye take care
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Question: I use diapers for my baby boy 24*7 will it affect his penis? I have heared some rumors about penis remaining small is it true?
Answer: Its not good to use diaper so long...aor aesa kuch nhi h ki it effect penis..BT to avoid reson is that of hygiene.. N diaper rash
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