1 months old baby

Question: Hi... My baby is 44 days old and he is trying to flip on his tummy whenever he is kept down for playtime, also once he is on his tummy he tries to move forward... Is it ok to allow him doing this at this stage?

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Question: My son is six months old...n will be completing his 7 months on 29 of this month. He can lie down on his stomach n also roll over but can't sit on his own. Neither he move forward lying on his stomach. Is it normal? Or do I to take him to a doctor
Answer: It's a normal some babies take time.let him do from his own.everything will be fine don't worry.
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Question: My baby turns only to his right side now..tries to go on his tummy.. Bjt couldn't.. When he will flip?
Answer: Hi. If baby is trying to flip your baby will soon turn. So let baby do it on her own. Baby turn in between 4 to 6 month. So your baby is going good. My baby turned in her 6th month imagine i was also worried but at the end sje acieved all ger mile stones. Good luck
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Question: My son will complete 9 months in the next one week. He turns from tummy to back and vice versa. He also crawls using his hands to move forward. He is not yet sat on his own. Is this something to worry. I see him taking support on me while i sleep and he tries to get up. Plz tell me if his development is fine he weighs 9kg now his born weight was 3.01
Answer: Some babies need their sweet time, do not worry as he is crawling n moving upside down, make him sit n you be around slowly he will learn
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