3 months old baby

Question: Hi! My baby is 3months old n since two days she is sucking her right thumb. May I know the reason?

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Answer: It could be due to teething dear.. you can now introduce pacifier or teethers now dear...
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Question: My baby is two n half months old..nowadays she is sucking her thumb even aftr feeding...y so
Answer: Mày be your baby require more food . Please try to give formulated milk once to check whether baby activity changes or not. If it remains same , continue with breast milk. Accept sucking her thumb activity as her one of style . Baby activity generally changes in 15 days.
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Question: Hlo dears, my baby is 3months 21 days old, she is sucking her thumb, wat is the reason, whether she is feeling hungry r If BM is nt enough. Whenever I feed her,she is doing two things, she is taking feed as well she is sucking her thumb too, sooo wat i need to do
Answer: Hi dear,no not at all ,sucking thumb dies not mean that the baby is hungry.Many babies have the habit if sulucking their thumb because it gives them soothing effect You can put mittens on their hand ,so that the baby is not able to suck he thumb. Sucking thumb us just out of a habit If you are able to feed your baby for 20 mins from each side every 2 hrs then the feed us sufficient also if the baby gets 4-5 heavy diapers in a day that means the feed us sufficient. So don't worry at all
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Question: My baby keeps sucking her thumb.. she is 3 n half months old
Answer: It's normal give her some teething toys or some soft toys.
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