Few weeks old baby

Question: Hi, My baby is 21 days old..my wife feeling heavy pain in breasts and in nipple after feeding the baby and also she said there is a pimple kind of thing in her nipple. Please advice.

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Answer: She needs to remove excess milk from breast ...tell her to use breast pump otherwise lums will be formed.
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Question: My wife 8th month pregnant she's feeling heavy pain in her thigh and below belly area....???
Answer: Hi congrats, As your wife is going through lot of hormone changes and her uterus is expanding stretching and lengthen to make space for your little one growing inside...she will have cramping tightening sharp pain numbness in her hands legs fingers stomach back and body which are normal during pregnancy.....ask her to eat healthy exercise regularly take medication meditation or yoga walk drink water sleep well lots of rest and take care of her father to be😉👍
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Question: My wife feeling dizziness after evening..... And also she can not eat well. Please help me with advice.
Answer: Hello dear Feeling dizzy, faint, or light-headed during pregnancy is common. In most cases, these symptoms are part of the normal changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy. The main cause of dizziness in pregnancy is due to the rising hormones that cause ur blood vessels to relax and widen. U should take care when u feel dizzy so as to avoid falling, and the best thing to do is to sit or lie down until the feeling has passed. 
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Question: My wife is having a lump on her breasts. We did a scan during pregnancy and doc said its just a benign. Can she continue feeding the baby. Baby is just 16 days old. Please help
Answer: hi dear! yes dear she can still breastfeed with the on going treatment as well. there wont be any problem to your baby if you breast feed. dont worry ! everything will be fine stay positive.! take care! i hope this information was helpful to you!
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