2 years old baby

Question: Hi My baby is 2 years old please provide me nutritious diet for her.she drinks 1 liters milk in a day n night is it ok for her age ..plz suggest. Still she wake up in night 4 to 5 times for milk...is this also happening with anyone other

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Answer: Hey dear, its good that your baby is drinking a litre milk daily. But only milk can't be a proper diet of 2 years old baby. At night she need a stomach feel heavy feed to get a good sleep. Empty stomach is the reason for not to sleep properly. Milk yoghurt paneer soyabean daal beans nuts Fish chicken with rice roti and different types of vegetables should be in your baby's regular diet. Hope it helps .
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Question: Why my baby sleeps in the day time n weak up at night? Also she drinks only one side milk nt other one?
Answer: Any of these is not a problem.. babies have their sleep cycle and preferences of breast.. mine too had the same.. For sleep try to understand ur baby's sleep pattern. Let her sleep in day light or light during day time. And turn it dim during night time.. secondly u should try to keep ur baby up during day..but don't disturb the sleep too much. For preferences of breast u could offer the other side just before the baby is too much hungry..ideal time to feed is after every 2 hours. Try offering from other side every time a bit before time so as to avoid anxiety. Or try switching sides in between feeding causiously. Baby will get used to the habbit of latching on the other side by this.. do not force as it may worsen the conditions. Have patience
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Question: My 44days baby girl is drinking milk in night only 2or3 times in day many times she drinks milk is it ok
Answer: Hi dear if your baby is sleeping through the night and only feeding two to three times but the Pee count of the baby is good at night also means that your baby has a full diaper then don't worry about the babies intake the baby is getting full hence the baby is not drinking much otherwise if the baby also is in deep sleep then also the baby doesn't 1 feet but one thing I would suggest you to check is the P count if it is well as I have mentioned earlier than it is fine and the baby has already gained the birth weight which the baby has lost after delivery then also it is fine let the baby take feed on demand .. Hope this helps!
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Question: She is sleeping the whole night without waking up in-between for milk....... , What can I do let her sleep peacefully or wake up her for feeding?
Answer: You have to wake her up to feed. Please dont think that you are disturbing her. They will sleep automatically while drinking milk.
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