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Question: Hi... My TSH level was 3 when i was two month pregnant.And it came down in to 1.5 in the 4th month of my pregnancy. So i just stoped the tablet. But now it became 3 again. So i have started the tablet again. Will it effect my baby's brain or any other problem?

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Answer: Hello dear, thyroid problem is common in pregnancy and you need to take proper medication prescribed by your doctor to avoid any adverse effect on your baby. However if you stopped and started this medication as per your doctor's prescription then it's fine but if you did self-medication then I am nothing to say. Hopefully it may not harm your baby. Now don't take stress as it can be harmful for your pregnancy. Take care of yourself and avoid vegetables like cauliflower cabbage radish spinach broccoli in your regular diet. Take care.
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    Abi Mathew678 days ago

    Thank you.

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Question: I am 4 month pregnant now.during 2nd month my TSH report was 260.80 we thought may be some mistake with reports and daigonised in another lab the very next day my TSH report was greater than 150.As my gynaecologist suggested to take pills to lower the TSH level now the TSH report is 3.5 I just wanted to know does it really affect baby's brain and heart because of these first 3 months of pregnancy TSH level was high?
Answer: Increase thyroid levels can affect in babies brain development however continue the medication prescribed by your doctor to avoid further complications to the baby. Importantly monitor your thyroid levels every 3 months.
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Question: Hi dr...my thyroid tsh level was 7.74..i took tablet for 4months..now the level came down to 1.5 i stopped taking tablet without doctor consultation...is it ok or will there be any problem in future
Answer: Hi, dear don't stop the medicine because the thyroid level will increase. Please consult with your doctor and as your level is controlled she will give you medication with low dosage to control the level..
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Question: Hello... Before my pregnancy my tsh was around 5, so i was taking thyronorm 50 mg... After taking the medicine, my tsh became constant to 2- 2.5... But when i became pregnant in 5th week , again my tsh was 5... So doctor increased the dose to 75 mg... Today i did my tsh again and it came 0.81... What should my dose be?? Doctor is telling me to continue with 75 mg but i am scared that it will go down more...
Answer: Hello!! Don't worry, continue what the doctor has asked to you. That will not be a problem. Take care
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