2 months old baby

Question: Hi... My 48 days old baby girl is not drinking milk after she had her vaccine.. please suggest what should I do?? But her postures are like she is hungry..

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Answer: Try to make her drink other wise baby will dehydrate...Make her soopn feeding everything two her ...She will drink once fever become less don't worry
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Question: Hi everyone.... My baby girl is vomiting since morning after drinking milk... Shown to doctor but he said that its normal.... Please suggest me what should I do....
Answer: As per doctor it is quite normal. I had consulted paed for my daughter and she said it is perfectly fine. The only thing she said is to burp the baby so that the milk gets digested. Just ensure that u make ur baby burp after every feed so that this doesnt happen. But if it does do not worry it is quite normal. Ur baby will be fine in sometime.
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Question: Hi my baby girl is 1 month and 16 days old. She is vaccinated today she is not drinking milk what should I do. I'm breastfeeding her
Answer: Is she having fever etc.. May b dis myt b d reason fr nt drinking milk.. Paracetmol drops t b given.. She l drink dont wory..
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Question: My daughter is 48 days old. Aaj use vaccine lgaya hai. She is crying lot.. Its too painful for her.. What should i do for her for relief.
Answer: Pain is inevitable after vaccination due to which baby will get fever, in that case use calpol drops once in 4 hours it reduces fever and reduces pain to an extent
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