3 months old baby

Question: Hi! My 3 month old baby archs his back and cries while trying to pass gas for the last two days. What ciuld be the problem? How to stop this?

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Question: Hi.. my baby is 45 days old, she has to much of gas problem, how to reduce gas?? And also what should be diet for me??
Answer: Keep note of what you eat and what disturbs your baby. This will help you in avoiding food causing gas in baby. Apply hing around naval area avoiding naval for few minutes and then wipe with a clean soft cloth. Give collision 0.5 ml before 15 minutes of feed, if this help. Make baby burp after every feed. Give baby a proper gas relief exercise ( move baby's legs in paddling motion this will help baby in passing gas easily).
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Question: My 44 days old daughter don't pass stool frm last two days what should I do for this problem??
Answer: Don't worry about it as she is on bf...she is getting her best..u must consume good food habits.for the first 6months if ur baby is on breast feeding poo in every 3-4 days is very normal...
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Question: my baby is 1 month old and cries while breast feeding. this usually happens in the evening since 2 days. What could be the problem?
Answer: May be he has colic ie stomach pain due to some gas ..
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