16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Mam... im 16month pregnant... But i Don't have any feelings lyk abdomen pain or baby movement.. It is problem ?

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Answer: No..it's not a problem..some people take time to feel baby movements..u may feel soon..all the best..enjoy ur pregnancy☺
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    Jeevitha Avl687 days ago

    Thank you Soo Much...

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Question: Now 3 days I don't have any pain in abdomen and back ? Is it normal? Or any problem to baby?.. I am very afraid pls ans me mam
Answer: Initally you may experience back and abdomen pain however it may subside gradually and you are moving into second trimester which is the most comfortable zone in pregnancy.Plz dnt worry and enjoy the movement.If any concern you may contact your gynac.
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Question: Hi mam iam 18 weeks pregnant . But im not feelings any baby moment on my stomach when can i feel the movement of baby
Answer: Hell! During the first pregnancy the first movement of the baby is felt between 19-24weeks if anterior placenta it might be more delayed. Take care
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Question: Hi im 29 weeks pregnant.. Today I have feelings of urination but actually I don't have also I feel weight in abdomen.. Is this normal?
Answer: It's very normal ..your growing uterus is putting pressure on your bladder........
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