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Question: Hi. M trying to get pregnant.... My LMP on jan 8 n expected period on Feb 11.....but still i didn't get period..... I checked pregnancy test on 25th it shows positive again I checked on 28th it shows invalid how come

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Answer: hello dear ,don't get upset. invalid means there is certain problem in that particular pregnancy test kit. I will suggest you to bring another pregnancy test kit and do the test again for confirmation. all the best dear.
Answer: Get the BCG Beta blood tests done to confirm your pregnancy...
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Question: my LMP is Feb 28th...home pregancy test is positive...but I didn't feel any symptoms....
Answer: it is actually fairly common for women to not notice any symptoms of pregnancy in the first weeks or months. Every woman will have a different pregnancy and because of this, not every woman will experience each of the common symptoms like gas, bloating, food cravings, morning sickness, and nausea. In reality, the most common symptom is actually a feeling of increased fatigue and some women won’t even notice this. Therefore, pregnant but no symptoms is quite possible.
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Question: I had my last period on Jan 28th... Missed my period Feb 28th... Not in March to.... In the month of March 8th I had pregnancy test at home it shows invalid... I dint did test again... For better results shall I do test on Sunday
Answer: Hi dear if your last month period was in the month of January then you should have taken a test by now and your test should have been shown you the correct result I am not sure what have you been waiting for this long because you are missed in Fab you are missed in March too please take a test and go to your colleges to discuss the issue this is not something very normal . Hope this helps!
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Question: My last period was in jan 14th. On 25th feb i checked n got positive result of pregnancy. How many day's pregnant i m?
Answer: consider day 1 as your 1st day of last period. lmp is your day 1
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