12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, Last week, my wife went for her first test i.e., ANC profile and TSH level test. When we got the report, we found TSH level of 11.34 (all other tests are normal). Doctor suggested to take Thyrox 100 mg tablets during the entire pregnancy period. I wanted to know whether does it have any type of effect on baby? Please suggest.

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Answer: Hello... Sir your wifes thyroid level is high, since she started taking thyroid medicine it won't affect baby, so don't get worried, along with that include these foods in her diet will be helpful in controlling... Cereal Barley Green leafy veggies Carrot Egg Rock salt Coconut oil
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    sachin gupta597 days ago

    Thanks for the reply.

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Question: Hai, my wife is 14 weeks pregnant, her bp level is 150/90 we are little afraid of that already consult with doctor's they suggested some tablets, please advise us any other way to decrease the bp
Answer: Hello.. The normal blood pressure value is 110/70 mg,if it goes beyond 140/90 mg,consider as high blood pressure,and it is common in pregnancy, follow these steps it may help you in control blood pressure... Monitor your intake of salt You should consume or reduce less salt intake,so that it may helps you lot in controlling blood pressure Don't stress yourself Avoid stress during pregnancy,is an another secret key to control BP,be calm,do your favourite activities,and make yourself relaxed Physical activity Exercise and physical wellness will help you lot in controlling blood pressure, engaging yourself activated throughout the day will help to control blood pressure Weight control Don't gain too much weight, because it may increase blood pressure,so have an healthy diet with lot of fruits and vegetables,avoid fried item, packed snacks,and go for healthy snacks alternative Practice yoga yoga helps you relive from blood pressure, especially breathing techniques will give you tension free,happy pregnancy
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Question: I am 4 month pregnant now.during 2nd month my TSH report was 260.80 we thought may be some mistake with reports and daigonised in another lab the very next day my TSH report was greater than 150.As my gynaecologist suggested to take pills to lower the TSH level now the TSH report is 3.5 I just wanted to know does it really affect baby's brain and heart because of these first 3 months of pregnancy TSH level was high?
Answer: Increase thyroid levels can affect in babies brain development however continue the medication prescribed by your doctor to avoid further complications to the baby. Importantly monitor your thyroid levels every 3 months.
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Question: I am 6th week pregnant.... I have done TSH(Thyroid Stimulating Harmone) test and report says high tsh level i.e. 6.64...... Does it effect my pregnancy. Doctor recommended thyroid 25 mg tablet daily. What I need to take precautions in food for higher thyroid level?
Answer: Hi dear during pregnancy thyroid hormone plays an important role in baby's development and growth TSH hormone decreases thyroid level. You need to take proper medication to control your TSH level and in food you shouldn't eat cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower broccoli spinach cabbage etc. During pregnancy many women suffer from Thyroid problem it is quite normal but keep on check to avoid any kind of pregnancy related complications.
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