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Question: Hi. It's little bit wierd question after intercourse suddenly sperm comes out what should I do for that

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Answer: Don't worry as it's very normal that your sperm comes out its the extract from that comes out to get pregnant you will need just one drop of a sperm that's already in
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Question: my husband sperm is watery... after intercourse it comes out... what i do doctor?
Answer: Hello dear Lying on bed for half an hour after sex increases ur chances of conceiving. After intercourse, sperm comes out if u stand and go to washroom. So, to increase ur chances of pregnancy, it would be good if u lie on bed for half an hour.
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Question: After intercourse sperm comes out is that normal
Answer: Hello dear sis... There is absolutely nothing to worry.. It comes out.. It is normal.. Just try to have sex regularly or on alternate days during ovulation which takes place from the 9th to 16th day of the cycle... Hope this helps 😊
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Question: I need a answer plz reply me after doing intercourse sperm comes out why like that.
Answer: That is usually normal. Only 1 to 2 ml can go inside and that is enough
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