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Question: Hi... Im trying to get pregnant. My LMP was Jan 17. Expected period is Feb 18. But till now i didnt get my periods. Today i checked in urine test. It shows negative. What can i do further? Please suggest me.

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Answer: Idea if your LLP was Jan 17th and you have not had your periods in the month of February then I would suggest you to please wait for some more days because few days plus minus is common in period cycle however if you get it much late or you do not get it at all after a month then contact your doctor because it can be due to a lot of issues like thyroid PCOD stress or more weight gain or loss etc . Hope this helps!
Answer: Wait for some more days
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Question: Hiiii. Im trying for pregnancy. My Last period was Jan 17. My Expected period was Feb 18. Till now i didny get my periods. I have urine test its shows negativem i have done Beta HCG tesy it shows not detectable. Please suggest me what to do further. Or i have to wait for some more days? Please suggest me
Answer: hello dear, as your pregnancy test and beta HCG test both are showing negative results I will suggest you to wait for another week and then again take a pregnancy test. If it's coming negative then definitely consult your Gynac.
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Question: Im trying to grt pregant. My LMP wss Jan 17. Expected period was Feb 18. But i didnt get my periods as of now. Today it was Feb 27. When can i take my pregnancy test?
Answer: The perfect time to take pregnancy test is 45 days from your period date.. so as per Ur period date u can test on March 2.. all the best.. do it early morning..
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Question: Please suggest me how manys after missed period pregnancy test can be taken. My last period was Jan 17. Till now i didnt get my periods. Done urine test in lab and also Beta HCG test at lab. Both shows Negative. Please kindly suggest me. Im planning for my pregnancy.
Answer: Hi dear! So sometimes you can face some hormonal imbalance dear which can cause the period to delay sometimes stress can play Also a major role in this. Don't worry if the beta hcg is also negative then there is no pregnancy dear I m sorry. You will have t visit the doctor as your doctor will give medicine so that the you get your periods like deviry . So do visit your doctor dear. Take care
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