28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, Im diagonised with gestational diabetes last week im worried if any effect to my baby. Doctor has suggested to take insulin. Currently im taking insulin still blood sugar level is around 160 180mg/dl randomly:( Can someone tell me if anything serious effect to my baby

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Answer: gestational diabetics usually treat with insulin other than tablets. it's safe for baby during pregnancy. may be at time of birth your baby will be a little large or have more weight. so need 1 to 2 days close observation to check any drop in blood sugar. after that your baby will be adjusted.
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    Aa D840 days ago


Answer: I have the same problem dear,,,,iam also taling insulin ,,,,iam very much warrird abt my bab
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    Aa D838 days ago

    How many units of insulin ur doctor has prescribed for you . Im taking 20mm morning and 10 mm in the night.. My doctor said not to control on food have all nutritious food if sugar is high take more insulin accordingly...

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    Tabasum831 days ago

    Iam taking 15 mm both the time,iam very much worried

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Question: hiee i have gestational diabetes im taking insulin wil it effect to baby and after delivery it wil continue and is any chance in future to get diabetes
Answer: Hi dear, Mostly gestational diabetes resolves post delivery so not to worry.insulin won't effect your baby.please continue taking it,till your delivery.some cases women suffering from gestational diabetes,are prone to get diabetes in future.so take precautions.change your life style.eat complex carbs and avoid all refined food items.include exercises.and keep yourself active.
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Question: I am 31 weeks pregnant..n have gestational diabetes If i take insulin also sometimes my post meal sugar level rises upto 160..is this normal? I am really worried
Answer: Have diet food ,avoid rice and carbohydrate rich food., exercise daily, avoid sweets and sugary items,
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Question: In 33week pregnant my sugar level has crossed border level,docter suggested to take insulin till delivery.is that safe if we take insulin..plz suggest me,if not then how can i bring my sugar level to normal..
Answer: Hi, if dr has suggested yoy should follow as else it can lead to complications.
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