39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Iam 39 weeks pregnant.. This is my first baby.. Today gone to check Up.. Doctor examined for cervical dilation. She said still its closed. Let's wait nu. When I can expect cervical dilation? Please answer me

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Answer: Still one week is there. And sometimes due date also changes
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    Chitra Varshaa833 days ago

    OK dear

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Question: When baby head ll come down ?? Yesterday went for check up and dr said still baby head is not engaged n its bit large ..now what to expect and what not ..and she told to induce labor around 27 march??
Answer: Hello! If the head is bit larger then you can ask the doctor that. If it is difficult for the head to fix then it is better to go for a C-section or else wait for the labor to happen. Take care
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Question: Today iam going to the check up, doctor said baby growth not seen in normal,she refer to come again in Wednesday.is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, It happens at times.but sine you are already 9 weeks, you must have baby heart beat detected by wednesday.the viability of pregnancy depends on baby heart beat.
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Question: Hi today i had an interbal check up doctor said pv 1 finger os closed what is this means is my baby head is coming down...
Answer: The doctor is checking if your cervix is opening. It automatically opens up when you are going to begin you labour pains.
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