22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. Iam 22 weeks pregnent mother.. Still my baby is not kicking me.. Any problem?

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Answer: No problem. My baby hicked me after 7 month completion only. It's depend on child
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Question: Hi iam 29 weeks pregnent. Iam comfort to sleep to right side .is it any problem to baby?
Answer: Hi. when you sleep straight your baby gets least space to move which is not good. And baby weight is also on your spine which can be harm full. So its better to sleep in your sides, it may be left or right any. If you sleep in your left its the best position to sleep as your baby gets max oxygen, blood and nutrinal supplies. You can sleep in your right also its also considered good. But never on your tummy.
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Question: Iam 21weeks 5days pregnent still my belly is not appears is any problem wheather belly is not appears
Answer: Hello dear. All pregnancy bumps are different, if this is your first pregnancy, if your abdominal muscles have never been stretched before by pregnancy, your muscles will tend to be quite toned and tight. Depending on the position your baby is in, your belly may at times look smaller. It is nothing to do with size of the babies, don't worry. Take care.
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Question: Hi.....now im in 22 weeks.....still no movements in my womb.....is there any problem????
Answer: Hello dear. You should feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening," between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. You can probably wait for another week or so. All the best.
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