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Question: Hi... I'm sushmitha... My last period was on 30th Jan... Until now I didn't get my period.. So can I do pregnancy test... Pls rly.. Tq

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Answer: Hello dear, as you said your lmp was on 30 Jan and February is of 28 days, you should wait atleast for a week and then take a pregnancy test if your period doesn't come.
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Question: My last period was dec 13... Still now i didn't get my periods...i took a pregnancy test on 15th jan a very faint line occured it means??
Answer: hi dear ! dear faint lines in the pregnancy kit means the hcg is not sufficient enough in the urine to get detected by the kit. as the pregnancy kit shows positive result if done within 2 weeks as it takes time for the beta hcg to get detected in the urine. so best advise would be to go for beta hcg blood test and the hcg is already present in the blood within 1 week . so go for this test. and also if the values of beta hcg is > 25 , it will confirm the pregnancy if <5 , then there is no pregnancy and if between 5-24 it means its a grey area which means that the test will have to be performed again. take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you !
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Question: Mam my last period was on 3rd jan till now i didn't get periods wt to do mam
Answer: Hi dear, I would advice you to check your pregnancy tomorrow with first urine in morning.also you should change your last menstrual period as 3 rd Jan in the app and not 3 rd feb.all the calculations happens using your last menstrual period,so kindly change it.
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Question: Hi... I'm sushmitha.. We are planning to have pregnancy.. Last date of my period is 30th Jan... I consulted doctor... I'm using medicines now.. Nd doctor scanned and said eggs were released... So am I going to conceive...
Answer: Hi dear, If your routine tests are normal then there should not be issue in conceiving.if you having normal ovulation,having intercourse during that period would increase your chance of have chance to get pregnant please have sex frequently.
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