11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I'm in 10week pregnancy, from yesterday I feel something kicking/pushing on my left side of stomach in between rib bone and stomach

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Answer: That's just gas dear...it cannot be your baby as your baby's kicks and movements can be felt only around 16 weeks of pregnancy dear...
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Question: I feel pain in stomach below rib at my left side from yesterday. Is it create any problem
Answer: the diaphram is getting stretched so it is normal to feel pain. whenever u feel pain if lying down then sit for a while and walk abit, if it pains while u are sitting then just sit straight and walk for a while the pain will ease. but it will keep occuring back bcoz your baby is now growing. but its normal jus sit up and walk few seconds is the only remedy.
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Question: When i sleep on my left side in night i feel something stiff or pushing my stomach that side..Its not moving and all..Is that baby or i just feel it as gas or something ..
Answer: Yes I feel the same. I have always been a side sleeper but just don't get comfortable in that position anymore. I feel like I might squeeze the baby!
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Question: If feel something on my left side of stomach
Answer: Dear it could be amniotic fluid.. There is nothing to worry about it... However if you are tensed you can once consult the doctor.. Take care
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