38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I m 9 month now n my due date is Nov 7. I m not clear about the baby movements ..how many times it should move n kick a day...till now I notice movements frequently for a day and think it is fine.but doctor asked me to check every one hour. yesterday my baby was very active and today I feel only slight kicks in between.So is that okay ?

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Answer: Yes dear this is ok Your pregnancy is in advance stage there is now less space in womb baby is growing everyday so now he has less space to move. That why you are feeling les movement. It is quite common. Don't worry.
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    Rajsree409 days ago

    Okay and when I should consult doc for less movements

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Question: Hello is it normal to not feel baby movements some times..aise to started feeling slight kicks and movements par today i m not able to
Answer: Hi,Dear There is still enough room for the baby to move so it happens don't worry Have a sugary syrup and lie on your bed in a quite surrounding Close your eyes and observe you should feel movements by 20 mins Don't worry all is well It is around week 27 that you need to moinitor your baby's movement regularly If it bother you much you can always visit your gynaclogist regarding same
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Question: Hello .. my wife says sometimes she feels kicks if baby and sometimes nothing and when first time felt kick it was quite hard but now she is feeling quite low on kicks and sometimes slow movements is that okay ?
Answer: Hi... usually in first pregnancy, it wil take some time to feel the first kick. Even after that, it will take some time to feel it frequently. Don't worry. After few weeks, she will start feeling regularly
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Question: is it ok if m feeling only more punches and very less kicks from baby in a womb???....or both kicks n punches should be active????
Answer: Any kind of baby movement is ok dear. Punches and kicks are baby movements. and it is not necessary both should be of same activity. Enjoy all kinds of baby movements in your womb
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