8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I m 8 weeks pregnant..yesterday done sonography in that foetus shows 5 weeks...13mm tiny sac like structure in left half of uterine fundus is seen..dr. prescribed sonography again on coming Friday.. is this serious.plz answer

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Answer: Hi dear, You must be able to detect baby heartbeat by 9 weeks of gestation.now you are 8 weeks pregnant.minor growth lag in initial stages is common.but you must get the baby heart beat by 9 weeks atleast.if not ,then the pregnancy is not considered viable.i wish you all the best.
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Question: I have done anamoly scan this week it shows isolated tiny echogenic focus is seen in left vertical in heart section.... Is it problametic
Answer: Hii my baby allso this.. Dr suggest me a test in 23rd week he said this is normal bt i am so worried.. If find some help please allso tell me thanks
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Question: yesterday night i had bleeding....so today morning i done scan....my report.. LMP:-08/11/2017;  EGA:-8 weeks +1day. The uterus is anteverted and has a gestational sac within the fundus. The endometrium is mildly thickened and measures 12mm. A tiny sac of 0.35 cm is seen. Yolk sac and fetal pole are not seen. The decidual reaction is good. The internal os is closed. The cervical length is 3.5m. Ovaries are normal sized.   IMPRESSION: Tiny intrauterine ? gestational sac of 0.32cm.No detectable adnexal mass at time of scan.Review after 2 weeks for fetal viability.
Answer: It means there is only gestational sac no embryo in it. Wait for next scan,may be embryo develops by then.
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Question: i am 18 weeks pregnant...sonography was done yesterday ...the report shows "a small echogenic focus seen in left verticle " i want to know what does it mean...is there any problem inside
Answer: Please consult ur doctor they will better guide fr this
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