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Question: Hi, I m 32wks pregnant, my usg shows nuchal cord, i. e., umbilical cord is around my baby's neck. What is to be done, what is the remedy behind it?? Kindly suggest. I m very tensed..

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Answer: hi dear! so dear there is no problem if there is a single loop of cord around the baby's neck.it happens most of the time in the pregnancy . and the cord can unwind at nay point in the pregnancy . which is a possibility as the baby moves. and dont worry about the baby as the baby is receiving the blood oxygen and nutrients through the cord and not through breathing as the baby will breathe only after coming out. so dont worry normal delivery can be possible in these situations dont worry , the baby's head will be delivered first and then the cord will be taken out and the rest of the body will be delivered. so dont worry. you will just have to keep a track on the cord through the scans. take care dear. i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: Hi i m 34 week pregnant. My baby's umbilical cord is around the neck. is it safe ??
Answer: Hi dear, Cord around neck though sounds frightening but it is not that scary. Your doctor would analyse how tight or loose is the cord around the baby. Many women deliver normally with cord around baby.so donot worry it's not that dangerous.
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Question: Nuchal cord is around my baby's neck around two times, can i have normal delivery
Answer: Yes thats true doctors usually wait for 40 weeks amd more 4 days beyond that. But please dont wait for more days and get yourself admitted to the hospital, ask your doctor to induce you if you dont get any contractions or true labor pains. Please go for c section bwcause the baby will not have space to grow inside and doesn't get oxygen also. Im telling you from my personal experience. All the very best.
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Question: What happens if umbilical cord is around the fetal neck
Answer: Hello dear It is common if ur cord is wrapped around ur baby's neck and it's very unlikely to cause any problems for you or your baby. Most of time, we don't know about it going into labor and the cord is simply unwrapped and the baby is fine. Rarely is that cord is wrapped so tightly that doctor has to go for c section which is completely normal. So, dont worry and have a healthy and safe pregnancy
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