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Question: Hi I'm 14th week pregnant with twins. Today I gone for nt scan. F1 is developed only till 8 weeks. F2 developed 14 weeks. Any body can you please tel me what next. F2 is safe.

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Answer: It seems like F2 has stopped growing.Your doctor might want to check F2 heart beat and other growth parameters.Certain medication may be given.Please consult your doctor immediately.
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    shwetha Naveen411 days ago

    F2heart beat is there. F2 everything normal.

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Question: Hi mam I'm 14 week pregnant I did NT scan in that placenta is low any problem with that
Answer: Yes if you are having low lying placenta then it's a problem and you will need to take lot of bed rest make sure that you don't leave any kind of heavyweight avoid having sex and constipation as well
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Question: What is NT scan at 12 doctor prescribed....has any one gone it required....please help..
Answer: Yes i hd gone through it. It is used to detect about down syndrome that occur due to chromosomal disbalance. You must go through it.
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Question: Hlo mam,,, I'm 11 weeks 6 days pregnant... Today I gone through nt scan and report is nt is 1.5mm and fhr is 175 bpm.. Is it normal....
Answer: Yes it's normal as the NT scan range between 1.3 is considered to be normal and also between 2.9 to 3.5 mm is considered to be normal so don't worry reports are normal. And fetal heart beat at early pregnancy is high and may also range up-to 180 bpm and as the pregnancy progress the fetal heart beat may slow down and may range up-to 140 bpm. So it's normal don't worry everything will be fine stay positive.
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