17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, I have problem digesting boiled egg white so I only eat the yolk. Should I take any alternative protein daily or is it okay?

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Answer: Talk to Ur gynaecologist.
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Question: Can i take boiled egg right now? I min whether only white part of egg or yolk
Answer: hi dear, egg is a good source of protein,omega fatty acid & DHA. consuming egg daily will help your baby's brain development. full egg should be part of your regular diet.
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Question: Is it okay to have boiled egg?If yes,how long I should boil the egg?
Answer: Hi! Yes you can hv boiled egg no problem and boil it till it doesnt get fully done or fullh boiled becz its better to avoid half done.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is it safe to eat boiled egg with egg yolk during 3 trimester of pregnancy?
Answer: Yes . My doc also suggested me to eat properly boiled egg. You may eat only 2 in a day.
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