1 months old baby

Question: Hi I have one month old baby. She has red rashes and skin peeling near her anus area. She is crying a lot while pooping.. She can't sleep during both day and night.. Can any one suggest a remedy for this problem

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Answer: You can use fucidin cream.
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    Prabha Raghav886 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: my baby has little redness on her private area and anus diaper only using during night
Answer: You must use Himalaya diaper rash or b4 nappy cream over the affected area. And do not use diaper for 5 days now. If you see small papules of blisters occurring on your baby is hip area and which are also fluid draining that it is very important to see your pediatrician because the infective fluid main cause the nearby area to itch and the normal diaper rash papules can grow into bigger boils fluid filled and draining so it is important to see your pediatrician once after 3 days of regular application of diaper rash cream or Boroline
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Question: My twin baby girl is crying a lot while pooping...her skin has become red ....may be because of diaper rash..how to relieve her from pain?
Answer: If baby is crying while pooping then baby is constipated if not she is having irritation on the anus because of some food. Clear the anus with mild soap and pat it dry and apply castor oil.dont put diapers for 2 to 3 days until rashes settles down. Take care
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Question: Hi my 2 month old baby frequebntly poops little and this has caused rashes near her anus area skin s peeled off . What shud i do?
Answer: Hello Baby at this age poops several times it is not cause of worry. Her anus us hurt. Are yu cleaning him very roughly or harshly? Wat kind of wipes are yu using. Use either cotton dipped in warm water or Himalaya wipes... Ap coconut oil lagao
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