20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi , I have fibroid in the anterior wall towards fundus and to the left. Will this cause an issue for normal delivery?

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Question: I have an aterior wall fibroid..will it cause complication in pregnancy
Answer: Location as well as size of fibroid affects your pregnancy outcome is the fibroid is more than 4 to 5 cm and keeps on growing then the pregnancy is at risk because you can either delivery prematurely that is you deliver in 34 weeks because of that increasing fibroid when it causes pain to you. Sometimes big fibroids can detach itself because of unknown reasons and can block the pathway of your baby delivery then in such immediate medical emergency you will be taken for A C section keep monitoring your fibroid now on I will suggest you to take one ultrasound every two weeks since your all other body physiologic criterias are normal you do not have any blood pressure sugar or even thyroid that you should not worry your doctor can club the two procedures depending on the protocol she can get the fibroid out after the delivery is done or she can schedule appointment for you and get this fibroid removed at any later on feasible time. Be vigilant about pain if you feel any kind of pain in your abdomen on vagina which is continuously there for more than 15 minutes it is very important that you seek medical advice because fibroids cause intermittent pain
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Question: Will the fibroid in anterior wall affect the normal delivery
Answer: You have not mention the size of the fibroid Fibroid size determine the impact on the pregnancy But don't worry babies grow nicely in the presence of the fibroid also Doctor will monitor you throughout your pregnancy During the term scan after visualising the size of fibroid, your doctor will decide that normal delivery or C section is required
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Question: a small anterior wall fibroid lower segment any issue in delivery or any issue to baby
Answer: Hi, I had same problem in my first pregnancy .. my doc suggested me not to worry they won't be any problem.. as the baby grows it might go off. Same thing happened in 8 th month scan the fibroid was gone .. just check up in future scanning and hv consulted with Dr.
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