6 months old baby

Question: Hi .I have 6 month old baby boy. He suffered from urine infection. What is the reason?Doctor told don't use diaper. Can I use clothes diaper? Its everyday washed or not?

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Question: My baby was 8 month old. He suffered from throat infection. What reason throat infection affected?
Answer: Hi throat infection can be due to cough and cold which are prolonged maybe it was not treated on time and hence the throat infection has happened but don't worry if you have already taken the baby to the doctor and the baby is doing fine now .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi mommies..which is the best diaper i can use for my months old boy?
Answer: Hi it depends baby to baby. You can get 2 piece diaper for baby to check like pamper, huggies and mamy poko pants. Try on your baby and then decide.
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Question: Can we have sex... Now i am in 20th week... I was suffered from urine infection...
Answer: If you are comfortable, you can make love. It won't affect your baby
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