2 months old baby

Question: Hi I have 2 months old baby delivered by section. If I eat fruits and all vegetables baby have cold and cough? Please provide what eat for baby health perfect

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Answer: I m rh negative and second time pregnant.in first pregnacy ICT done and result negative.is there any to effect this baby due to my blood group.plzzz reply.i will undergo ICT after 30 months of pregnacy.
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Question: Hi I delivered my baby in Dec.pls.suggest me diet plan what vegetables n nonveg,fruits,dry fruits and what all things I can eat??
Answer: Hi dear, Hearty congratulations to you and your family. Post delivery it is quite important to have healthy balanced diet.most of the fruits and veggies are safe and infact recommend to develop immunity and strength.citrus fruits have this myth of delaying healing stiches,but it is untrue.please have lot of citrus fruits which would boost your immunity.some says that eating spicy food would also give colic issues in baby.it is also untrue.remember baby gets only th nutrition from the diet you have.it won't give gastric issue due to the food you eat.baby could have various taste of food which you eat,but it has no relation to the direct impact of food you eat.deinking water is very much necessary.some beleive it might dilute breast milk or even give cold to baby.it is a superstitious.breastmilk is produced through your blood.so no relation to drinking water etc.keep yourself well hydrated,eat healthy fats through dry fruits,avocado,etc.you can eat dry fruit,gondh laddos now.eat comes carbs more.oat is very healthy even increase breasting supply.keepnyour calorie count more than 500 if you are breastfeeding.lots of sales,pulses,wholegrains.if you re non vegetarian,then have fish,chicken,eggs.it is beleive that eating lot of protein in diet would make your breast milk more richer,which helps in gaining weight in your baby.bottle gaurd,dill leaves,Sabi daana is beleived to increase breastmilk supply.have anything that is healthy.my doctor had told to eat everything like normal person.keep.it healthy that's it .
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Question: My baby is having cold cough and fever.. what fruits and vegetables can i give him
Answer: An essential ingredient is turmeric has a strong antioxidant which helps in treating many health problems. Turmeric mixed in warm milk is a popular and effective way to fight against cold and cough. Drinking a glass of warm turmeric milk before sleeping helps in faster recovery from cold and cough.
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Question: If mother eat fruits baby get cold and cough?
Answer: Chance of getting cold and cough based on climate condition...Better to take citrus fruits bit less compare to other fruits..and it is more likely depends on baby immune strength..
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