1 months old baby

Question: Hi.. I have 1 month 1 week baby.. When I breastfeed my baby, I have pain in my nipple. Due to that ,I couldn't able to feed properly due to pain.. Any home remedies? Please reply

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Answer: motherhood coming with many surprises for a mother and all surprises are not pleasant I understand your pain because I am also a breastfeeding mother but don't worry dear this pain is just for first two months this phase will be over, you apply your own breast milk on your breast as this advice was given by my sister and proved really helpful for me to give it a try and also massage your breast with few drops of lukewarm Desi ghee daily.
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Question: I feel pain in my left side nipple when my baby latches. Do we have any home remedies
Answer: Pain in nipples occurs if the baby doesn't latch properly. Check if your nipple has a crack as cracked nipples may cause pain. And also during first few months pain in nipples while feeding is common. If nipples are cracked then apply freshly expressed breastmilk . Give warm massage it will help to reduce pain.
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Question: Hi.... I have normal deliver in that I have stitches 1 stitches is pain I can't properly sit to feed baby . Plz suggest why this happen. Plz reply
Answer: They will pain as this is sign of healinh also plus if you feel more pain than do trt sitz bath for 3 4 times a day.take a tub add warm water to it.if you want you can also add any antiseptic like dettol drops only few or liquid betadine and sit on it for 10 mins or so for quick relief and also visit doctor after 2 weeks for your checkup or for stiches
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Question: My breasts are sore please suggest any cream please ..i couldn't feed my baby properly
Answer: Apply homemade ghee....it will help a lot ...apply it after u feed ir baby
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