3 months old baby

Question: Hi, I had my c section 3 n half month befre since frm last month m having bad knee pain may I know y and plz let me know hw cn I rid f paim

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Answer: I have also c sec at same time. Do the massage of ur legs, hands or take some massage from other person.
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Question: I had c section before 3 months.I am having severe knee pain while sitting and standing up.what is the reason?
Answer: Hi dear may be u r facing lack of calcium and iron. Sich pain occur to me also and doctor advise the same. Even my hb was very low as after delivery we loose our track of proper food and rest. So consult doctor and get the supplements. Also do take care of ur diet. I m sharing diet for lactating mom u can follow it.  6 to 7 am  1 glass of warm milk Almonds (10 12. soaked overnight) 2 tsp of ajwain (carom seeds)  7 to 8 am 2 eggs omelette + 2 slice bread or  Poha and 1 bowl curd  10 am 1 medium size apple or 1 glass of pomegranate juice  11 am 1 coconut water / Fenugreek (methi) tea  12 to 1 pm 1 bowl of sesame rice  1 bowl of tomato rasam  2:30pm Tulsi tea (Re hydrates your body)  4 to 4:30pm 1 glass of milk 1  sesame (til) laddoo  6 pm 1 bowl of bottle gourd  soup 1 sesame laddoo  8 to 9 pm 1 bowl of paneer chamon methi 2 phulkas  1 salad of your choice  1 tsp of saunf  10 pm 1 glass of haldi doodh 1O soaked almonds 
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Question: I had a c-section 3 months back however have continious pain in my left knee.
Answer: Hi, yes i do felt the same when i underwent c section. that during my 1 and 2 months, hard pain in my feet and thigh, so do not worry try to do bit milk stretched that uses your legs. and take rest do not sit for long and stand, its just 3 months so it takes time no worries.
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Question: I had c section last month. But now i facing knee pain lot. So please suggest what to do ?
Answer: Hi, Have calcium and vitamin d3 tablets by consulting ur doctor. Also if u r non vegetarian, have Mutton Leg soup. Have drumstick. Have a glass milk morning and night. Be in early morning sunlight for some time. Hope it helps
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