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Question: Hi I had a miscarriage earlier and now I am 7th week pregnant. I am suffering from obesity. My age is 23 but my weight is about 100 kg. I heard that obesity people will have a lot of complications during pregnancy and delivery. I am really scared and getting depressed. Please help me.

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Answer: Hi.. first of all sorry for the loss you have faced earlier.. it is now that u r into the beautiful journey, don't stress too much upon the words of others.. and there is no reason for u to get depressed or scared. Just concentrate on your diet and intake only healthy foods and lot of liquids followed by regular exercises. Just stick upon to your doctors words. Ask your doctor for the right kind of exercises that u have to follow and take your medications properly. A happy mind gives you good health. So just enjoy the journey. Tc!:)
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    Siva Krishna685 days ago

    Thank you so much :-)

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Question: since the day am in my last trimester I am worried about my delivery . I have heard lot about normal delivery pain and episiotomy . I want more information in episiotomy and is there any way prior I know about how long my labour will last ?? please help mommie I am really scared .
Answer: My best wishes are with you dear. Your story seems like exactly mine when I was pregnant and the one thing that scared me the most was episiotomy. Episiotomy is the vaginal cut which doctors do to get out of the baby head easily. In early days ppl used to do lot of floor exercises in terms of mopping and other house hold chores so their pelvic muscles used to be very flexible and they didn't need any cut and deliver easily but since these days we are not that active and not involved much in such physical activities we need those cuts. Don't worry during Labour you won't feel the pain . When it got cut you will not realise it. Yes after delivery doctor will put stitches with local anesthesia. Now come to your point of Labour, not even your doctor can tell you how long your Labour going to last. It's completely depends on your body on the d day how it respond with the situation. Hope my info helps !
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Question: Today i forgot about being pregnent and carried my 15 kgs neice and climed the stairs now i realize my mistake will it cause miscarriage iam really scared
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. I can understand your anxiety. Are you facing any pain, discharge or any other symptoms. Consult doctor once as you are in first trimester and no risk should be taken. Don't worry. Take care
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Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant and I have period like cramps that come and go for whole day, I have had a previous miscarriage in the 6th week and I am really scared. Please let me know if its normal ?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy cramps may be due to several reasons like expanding uterus acidity please drink lot of water please drink jeera water if you do not find any difference contact doctor take care
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